There are very few orthodontic problems that require urgent attention. Breakages can be easily managed at your next appointment. If in pain please call the practice on  98761677.


Prevention is the best cure.
Follow our dietary guidelines. Experience has shown 95% of breakages result from failing to observe instructions as to the correct foods to eat. Resist the temptation to eat lollies and hard or sticky foods.

  1. Wires sticking into cheek.
    Use the wax provided as necessary to manage any spots that feel sharp or rough. Soften the wax  and place over the area. It will fall off by itself and need to be replaced (there is no problem with regard to swallowing it).
  2. Rubber comes loose.
    Do not worry if a single rubber (module) or rubber chain comes loose or breaks, we will replace it at your next adjustment appointment. A lost module will not affect the treatment progress. If the brace feels a little rough use some wax.
  3. Brace comes loose from a tooth.
    This is best fixed at the next appointment. If it has rolled around or moved it can be easily positioned with light finger pressure. Avoid hard and sticky food.
  4. Broken wire.
    Generally a broken wire will not cause harm and is easily replaced at the next visit. The teeth are still moving and under treatment.  If the wire is sharp and sticking in to the gum or cheek use the wax and then call the practice.
  5. Expander comes out.
    If you can try to gently replace it and call the practice. If unable to, do not be too concerned. Although there may be some minor discomfort, it will not cause any harm.