Early Interceptive Treatment

We recommend early examination of the teeth and jaws in younger children (ages 7-12 years). This allows us to detect and evaluate problems and plan the best timing for treatment for the young individual. In some young patients with specific jaw, growth or bite problems, early treatment may prevent orthodontic problems from developing or worsening.

Early intervention may also result in shorter and less complicated second phase treatment if braces are required at a later age.

Early orthodontic treatment may involve the use of removable plates, arch expansion devices (create space for teeth to fit in the arch), functional appliances (influence jaw growth), anti-habit appliances (help stop habits such as thumb sucking), space maintainers (used when baby teeth have been lost early) or partial braces to align teeth.

To assist us in providing your child with the best possible smile and treatment outcome, it is recommended that children receive a specialist orthodontic examination by age 7-8 years. We are happy to see children of any age if the parent has a concern or the general dentist recognizes any issues.